So many people, so little with whom I actually want to have a close relationship. Not to brag or otherwise go into an excessive and boring amount of detail regarding my own LA experience, but I think I may be turning into a misanthrope. Yeah, fancy, I know…

In spite of any negativity, I’ve had a pretty profound epiphany at today’s end. Did you know all those fake people LA is known for and is the very deterrent for the real ones even deliberating a move out here? As a resident, I know better, that there is so much more to LA than it’s stereotype. Nonetheless, there is at least a little bit of truth in every stereotype. So yes, there are plenty of fakes here.

But fake or not, even fake people need love. Fake people are people too, after all. So treat even the pretty people like humans, ’cause they got feelings too. That is my epiphany of the day. Revelatory?


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